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Reach thousands of Uttoxeter homes and businesses. The Shire Standard is hand-delivered direct to local people which means our magazine is your best option for marketing and publicity.

Below are the deadlines for upcoming issues of the Shire Standard. The Copy Deadlines apply to both editorial and advertising. Don't miss out on effective promotion.

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Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 18
Copy Deadline: 30th March, 2019
Delivery Starts: 5th April, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 19
Copy Deadline: 24th April, 2019
Delivery Starts: 1st May, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 20
Copy Deadline: 27th May, 2019
Delivery Starts: 3rd June, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 21
Copy Deadline: 26th June, 2019
Delivery Starts: 3rd July, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 22
Copy Deadline: 24th July, 2019
Delivery Starts: 31st July, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 23
Copy Deadline: 26th August, 2019
Delivery Starts: 2nd September, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 24
Copy Deadline: 25th September, 2019
Delivery Starts: 2nd October, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 25
Copy Deadline: 28th October, 2019
Delivery Starts: 4th November, 2019
Uttoxeter Edition - Issue 26
Copy Deadline: 25th November, 2019
Delivery Starts: 2nd December, 2019
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About the new look shire standard magazine

Map of Shire Standard delivery areas across Uttoxeter

The Shire Standard is the best option for you to easily reach thousands of people across your community each month. 

  • The new publication is printed as a handy A5, full colour, glossy magazine.
  • We deliver 9,000 copies of our popular magazine to homes and businesses across the Uttoxeter area.
  • More people more directly in the Uttoxeter area are reached by our magazine than any other free or paid-for publication.
  • Our magazine is hand-delivered to homes across the Uttoxeter town centre area, and also direct to homes in the surrounding villages of:
    • Alton,
    • Bramshall,
    • Denstone & Stubwood,
    • Doveridge,
    • Kingstone,
    • Leigh & Withington,
    • Marchington,
    • Marston Montgomery,
    • Rocester,
    • and Stramshall.
  • Copies of our quality magazine are left in public places across the area for people to pick up, read and take home with them.
  • The magazine contains excellent quality news and information, resulting in more people reading your editorial or seeing your advertising.