01889 592604
Mon - Sat: 10am - 3pm
01889 592604
Mon - Sat: 10am - 3pm

Affordable advertising that gets results

We print and deliver 20,000 copies of the Shire Standard every month, which is why advertising with us works.

Most of our newspapers are posted, by hand, through the letterboxes of local homes and businesses.

We have a great track record of helping businesses, service-providers and event organisers reach out to thousands of people across the Blythe Bridge, Cheadle, Meir Heath and Uttoxeter region.

We even make the effort to deliver, door-to-door, to most of the surrounding rural villages.

No-one else gives you greater direct coverage.

Our ad rates can't be beaten

You'll receive excellent value for money when you advertise with the Shire Standard.

Eighth Page
85mm (h) x 129mm (w)
£89 £4.45/1000 copies
£69 £3.45/1000 copies
Quarter Page
170mm (h) x 129mm (w)
£149 £7.45/1000 copies
£99 £4.95/1000 copies
Half Page
170mm (h) x 264mm (w)
£239 £11.95/1000 copies
£179 £8.95/1000 copies
Full Page
340mm (h) x 264mm (w)
£419 £20.95/1000 copies
£299 £14.95/1000 copies
Front Cover Title Corner
50mm (h) x 129mm (w)
£69 £3.45/1000 copies
£49 £2.45/1000 copies
Front Cover Solus
50mm (h) x 264mm (w)
£129 £6.45/1000 copies
£89 £4.45/1000 copies
Front Cover Half
170mm (h) x 264mm (w)
£299 £14.95/1000 copies
£199 £9.95/1000 copies
Back Cover Half
170mm (h) x 264mm (w)
£299 £14.95/1000 copies
£199 £9.95/1000 copies
Back Cover Full
340mm (h) x 264mm (w)
£499 £24.95/1000 copies
£359 £17.95/1000 copies

VAT to be applied if required. All prices listed above are monthly.

The 3+ Months discount is applied to consecutive monthly advertising.

let's Get started

Great, you're thinking about advertising with the Shire Standard. Good choice!

Please contact us using the form below or contact us by phone on 01889 592604 or 07949 026660.

Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

Advertising Enquiry
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Maximum upload size: 10MB
Upload your own advert artwork; example past advert, or assets including logo and images. Supported files: jpeg, pdf, png, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, zip. Maximum 12 files.

Advertising Deadlines

Monday 22nd October, 2018
Friday 16th November, 2018
Thursday 13th December, 2018

20,000 newspapers delivered to homes and businesses!

Abbots Bromley     Alton     Blythe Bridge     Bramshall     Cauldon     Caverswall     Cheadle     Checkley     Denstone     Dilhorne     Doveridge     Draycott-in-the-Clay     Draycott-in-the-Moors     Ellastone     Forsbrook     Foxt     Fulford     Hanbury     Hilderstone     Ipstones     Kingsley     Kingsley Holt     Kingstone     Leigh     Lower Tean     Meir Heath     Marchington     Marston Montgomery     Milwich     Newborough     Oakamoor     Rocester     Stallington     Stramshall     Stubwood     Sudbury     Upper Tean     Uttoxeter     Waterhouses     Whiston     Withington

How we compare

The Shire Standard has up to ten times the circulation of other publications in our region and is now the largest publication covering Cheadle, Uttoxeter, Blythe Bridge and surrounding villages.

The Shire Standard is a free newspaper and we deliver most of them by hand, directly to people. We don't leave large piles in places hoping they'll be picked up.

  • The Shire Standard, Monthly/Free, 20,000 circulation
  • The Sentinel, Daily/Paid, 23,249 circulation
  • Voice Magazine, Monthly/Free, 15,000 circulation
  • Times & Echo (Cheadle, Blythe & Forsbrook, and Uttoxeter), Weekly/Paid, 11,000 circulation
  • Leek Post & Times, Weekly/Paid, 7,658 circulation
  • Staffordshire Newsletter, Weekly/Paid, 7,523 circulation
  • Burton Mail, Daily/Paid, 7,365 circulation
  • Ashbourne Telegraph, Weekly/Paid, 3,629 circulation
  • Uttoxeter Advertiser, Weekly/Paid, 2,320 circulation
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